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Bombin’ Betty Revisited   Leave a comment

This Getz Girl Pin-Up artwork honors those linked to the famous US Marine Corps VMFA-121 All Weather fighter squadron.  It was inspired by the squadron’s original WWII-era pin-up, which has graced patches, aircraft tail surfaces, etc. (see image below).

The Getz Girl version of ‘Bombin’ Betty’ was developed with input from Green Knight officers and Wives’ Club Members.  The new, unofficial artwork presents an updated, easier to reproduce look for a symbol which has inspired squadron members for over half a century.

VMFA-121 Green Knight's Bombin' Betty

It was a great honor to work on this, thanks to all the Green Knights and loved ones who contributed feedback.



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VQ-1 World Watchers in the house…   Leave a comment

Just some stuff done for those EP-3 professionals and their families…  Buy some of them on products in the Zazzle shop here!

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Pen Plane Goodness…   Leave a comment

Just a few samples of some Pen Plane designs done for NAVAIR folks…

Learn more about pen-and-ink Pen Planes here…

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Tiltrotors get logos… and posters!   Leave a comment

A friend working for the V-22 Osprey Public Affairs Office informed me that there were no emblems for the individual services’ aircraft, so I created a couple, along with posters to cheer the associated Marines and Airmen on.  Go get ’em you guys (and gals)!

These are available for squadrons or PAOs working with either aircraft (the posters can be customized with your squadron emblem) for official use.  I’ll try to work on getting some stickers with the logos available in the shop

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Kong Killers artwork in Aviation Classics Magazine   Leave a comment

Great work by Norm deWitt writing about about VFA-14’s big-screen exploits!

Thank you Norm, Editor Tim and Aviation Classics!

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Hamburg sign   Leave a comment

Actually, just a piece of wood cut to shape and painted to look like an old German road sign.  It was inspired by a real-life German sign that a USAF family was graciously given by their German friends when stationed there (theirs is WAY cooler than this one).

Hamburg is very far away...

Hamburg is very far away from North Carolina...

I created it to commemorate the fantastic 6 months our wonderful exchange student from that city spent with us.  We miss you Lenia!

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Canopy Piloting Training Series Logo and Event shirt   Leave a comment

Some imagery created for an event planned for Labor Day weekend…

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Here’s the series logo:

Canopy Piloting Training Series logo

The logo is full of symbols that have meaning for those involved in the sport. Speed, Accuracy and Distance are all indicated...

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