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Mike Maddi’s Kong Kit: in-progress shots!   Leave a comment

Holy Cow!  Mike’s work is just incredible.  It looks like I’ll be helping him out with the decals for the Tophatter biplanes – a big thank you to the Vintage Aviator, LTD. (the New Zealand company who built the prop planes for the latest King Kong movie) for the reference photos.

You can see more of Mike’s incredible resin kits here.


2009 Miramar OWC golf tournament work   Leave a comment

Just a collection of work I did for the Miramar OWC’s golf tournament waaaay back in 2009.  About time I posted it…

Miramar OWC golf tournament artwork

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HSC-85 art drafts   Leave a comment

The ‘High Rollers’ of HSC-85 were transitioning into more of a Special Operations support role.  Their name was changing from ‘High Rollers’ and they wanted an update to their emblem (which was oriented toward gambling).  At the time, they were thinking of the name ‘Phoenix’ to reflect the squadron’s heritage doing firefighting support work.  I was invited to submit some ideas for an emblem.

Ultimately my designs were not chosen, but if you know anyone with HSC-85 or any squadron having a phoenix or firehawk-themed unit mascot who could like the looks of this art, please let me know.

You can see the selected design on the HSC-85 Wikipedia page here.

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HMM-166 Helicopter Golf poster   Leave a comment

You may have already seen the retro posters I did for HMM-166 here and here, but I don’t think I’ve posted this one to the blog yet.

In short, my brother-in-law had some mechanical issues occur in-flight and needed to put his CH-46E down safe.  The closest spot was a San Diego golf course!  No one was injured and the aircraft was soon repaired and flown back to MCAS Miramar.  The poster commemorates this incident in a humorous way.

The golf club in the hands of the crew chief was a bit hard to make out, so I overemphasized the shadow a bit to draw attention to it.  The aircraft markings match those on the Phrog involved.

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VFA-14 Tophatters ‘Kong Killers’ poster and shirt art   6 comments

Tophatters King Kong Killers PosterVFA-14, the Navy’s oldest active squadron was chosen by Peter Jackson’s King Kong production staff to be the ‘squadron that kills Kong’.  The Navy Pilots wanted to celebrate this in the form of a poster VFA-14 Tophatters Kong Killers t-shirtand t-shirt.

The poster required a good deal of research to make sure the plane was spot-on.

The shirt had some interesting requirements.  It had to be black, because that’s the color the pilots are able to wear under their flight suits most of the time, and it could not have a big area of ‘ink’ on the back or it would cause too much sweating when in the aircraft for long periods of time.

Special thanks to ‘Steamer’ and ‘Lothar’ for acting as liaisons on this project.  This project was a lot of fun because I am a huge fan of the King Kong movies…  Squadron members interested in purchasing can check with Steamer, general public will soon be able to go to Squadron Store and check the VFA-14 shop to find both designs!

Thank you to all the VFA-14 members and their loved ones for the dedication and sacrifices!

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Squadron Store: Website Re-ignited!   Leave a comment

The Squadron Store site has been totally reworked to be more accessible and generally better looking!  Please click here to check it out and support your favorite squadrons!

Squadron Store: Red Devil’s mug rack photos   Leave a comment

Way back in January 2009 I had the honor of working with new VMFA-232 squadron member Kyle Duncan on a mug rack for the squadron’s ready room.

Making a mug rack for a US Marine  Corps fighter squadron is not a simple task.  The result has to match their needs in terms of mug storage and graphics (easy) but also has to be robust enough to endure deploying with the squadron to aircraft carriers.

The rack features designated spots for the CO and XO’s mugs, 20 additional pegs for the other mugs, vinyl graphics, a plastic laminate front surface (to resist stains) and special material around the edges to prevent damage if bumped during transport/setup when the Red Devils deploy.

VMFA-232 is the most decorated and oldest active USMC fighter squadron.  Learn more at the official VMFA-232 website by clicking here.

First deployment after receiving it, they ended up operating from tents.  This meant they couldn’t take the mug rack!

VMFA-232 mug rack at Design Dimension

VMFA-232 mug rack post-construction. That's me on the right, and Ernest White - who worked on the construction - on the left.

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