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VQ-1 World Watchers in the house…   Leave a comment

Just some stuff done for those EP-3 professionals and their families…  Buy some of them on products in the Zazzle shop here!


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Squadron Store: Website Re-ignited!   Leave a comment

The Squadron Store site has been totally reworked to be more accessible and generally better looking!  Please click here to check it out and support your favorite squadrons!

Squadron Store: VQ-1’s Black Betty branded items   Leave a comment

VQ-1's Black Betty Bus

The actual item. I think folks can ride inside too.

VQ-1 got some new ground transportation, and naturally, they needed some sweet shirts to wear when going out on ‘missions’ in it.  They might be driving it to visit elementary schools and rest homes, but I think more likely it’s used as transport to local watering holes (AFTER missions of course).

Be part of the Black Betty Fan Club!  Get your shameless promotional items at Squadron Store’s VQ1 shop.  A majority of the proceeds benefit the VQ1 Officer Spouses Association!

VQ-1 Black Betty Bus design