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6th Airlift “Bully Beef Express” poster   Leave a comment

I was commissioned by the nation’s oldest airlift squadron to create a poster for them.  I did it as a custom silk-screened poster.  They sold out of theirs pretty fast.  Here it is:

6th Airlift Print


Mike Maddi’s Kong Kit: in-progress shots!   Leave a comment

Holy Cow!  Mike’s work is just incredible.  It looks like I’ll be helping him out with the decals for the Tophatter biplanes – a big thank you to the Vintage Aviator, LTD. (the New Zealand company who built the prop planes for the latest King Kong movie) for the reference photos.

You can see more of Mike’s incredible resin kits here.

2009 Miramar OWC golf tournament work   Leave a comment

Just a collection of work I did for the Miramar OWC’s golf tournament waaaay back in 2009.  About time I posted it…

Miramar OWC golf tournament artwork

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HSC-85 art drafts   Leave a comment

The ‘High Rollers’ of HSC-85 were transitioning into more of a Special Operations support role.  Their name was changing from ‘High Rollers’ and they wanted an update to their emblem (which was oriented toward gambling).  At the time, they were thinking of the name ‘Phoenix’ to reflect the squadron’s heritage doing firefighting support work.  I was invited to submit some ideas for an emblem.

Ultimately my designs were not chosen, but if you know anyone with HSC-85 or any squadron having a phoenix or firehawk-themed unit mascot who could like the looks of this art, please let me know.

You can see the selected design on the HSC-85 Wikipedia page here.

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Bombin’ Betty Revisited   Leave a comment

This Getz Girl Pin-Up artwork honors those linked to the famous US Marine Corps VMFA-121 All Weather fighter squadron.  It was inspired by the squadron’s original WWII-era pin-up, which has graced patches, aircraft tail surfaces, etc. (see image below).

The Getz Girl version of ‘Bombin’ Betty’ was developed with input from Green Knight officers and Wives’ Club Members.  The new, unofficial artwork presents an updated, easier to reproduce look for a symbol which has inspired squadron members for over half a century.

VMFA-121 Green Knight's Bombin' Betty

It was a great honor to work on this, thanks to all the Green Knights and loved ones who contributed feedback.


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VQ-1 World Watchers in the house…   Leave a comment

Just some stuff done for those EP-3 professionals and their families…  Buy some of them on products in the Zazzle shop here!

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Pen Plane Goodness…   Leave a comment

Just a few samples of some Pen Plane designs done for NAVAIR folks…

Learn more about pen-and-ink Pen Planes here…

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