VFA-14 Tophatters ‘Kong Killers’ poster and shirt art   6 comments

Tophatters King Kong Killers PosterVFA-14, the Navy’s oldest active squadron was chosen by Peter Jackson’s King Kong production staff to be the ‘squadron that kills Kong’.  The Navy Pilots wanted to celebrate this in the form of a poster VFA-14 Tophatters Kong Killers t-shirtand t-shirt.

The poster required a good deal of research to make sure the plane was spot-on.

The shirt had some interesting requirements.  It had to be black, because that’s the color the pilots are able to wear under their flight suits most of the time, and it could not have a big area of ‘ink’ on the back or it would cause too much sweating when in the aircraft for long periods of time.

Special thanks to ‘Steamer’ and ‘Lothar’ for acting as liaisons on this project.  This project was a lot of fun because I am a huge fan of the King Kong movies…  Squadron members interested in purchasing can check with Steamer, general public will soon be able to go to Squadron Store and check the VFA-14 shop to find both designs!

Thank you to all the VFA-14 members and their loved ones for the dedication and sacrifices!


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6 responses to “VFA-14 Tophatters ‘Kong Killers’ poster and shirt art

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  1. I am currently in the U.S. Navy, and I am a member of the VFA-14 Tophatters. I want to know how to get myself a couple of these “Kong Killer” T-shirts. Please let me know.

    • Hi Eric,

      Check with the VFA-14 Coffee Mess Officer regarding the shirts. If you need to order more, let me know.

      Thanks for your service! –Travis

  2. I work for Northrop Grumman. We build the super hornet. I know these shirts are for members of the sqaudron. But me and quite a few mechanics would be interested in purchasing some of those t-shirts. Is it possible and how could we go about doing so?

  3. My husband was a pilot with VFA-14 a few years. I found this online and wondered how I can order a few for him.


    • Hello Krista – thank you for your dedication as a military spouse! Your husband can contact the squadron Coffee Mess Officer (currently Lurkin) about the shirts. I will shoot you an e-mail as well.

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