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Way back in January 2009 I had the honor of working with new VMFA-232 squadron member Kyle Duncan on a mug rack for the squadron’s ready room.

Making a mug rack for a US Marine  Corps fighter squadron is not a simple task.  The result has to match their needs in terms of mug storage and graphics (easy) but also has to be robust enough to endure deploying with the squadron to aircraft carriers.

The rack features designated spots for the CO and XO’s mugs, 20 additional pegs for the other mugs, vinyl graphics, a plastic laminate front surface (to resist stains) and special material around the edges to prevent damage if bumped during transport/setup when the Red Devils deploy.

VMFA-232 is the most decorated and oldest active USMC fighter squadron.  Learn more at the official VMFA-232 website by clicking here.

First deployment after receiving it, they ended up operating from tents.  This meant they couldn’t take the mug rack!

VMFA-232 mug rack at Design Dimension

VMFA-232 mug rack post-construction. That's me on the right, and Ernest White - who worked on the construction - on the left.


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