Squadron Store: The last HMM-166 (REIN) artwork…   4 comments

HMM-166(REIN) CH-46E retirement artwork

With HMM-166 transitioning to VMM-166 the venerable CH-46E is getting retired in favor of the new MV-22 tiltrotor aircraft.  When I thought about a poster image to honor the Marines and families linked to the unit, I wanted to do something that would work virtually anywhere (kitchen, den, kids room, man cave, etc), something timeless.  I’ve had an old French float plane poster for over a decade and it never gets old.  The colors and motion were really inspirational.   You can get the HMM-166(REIN) version as a framed print (and on lots of other products) via the HMM-166 Squadron Store site – which will transition to benefit the new squadron.  This piece represents my last bit of HMM-166 artwork.  It’s a great gift for your favorite Sea Elk/CH-46 fan and/or a friend who was involved with the other rotary wing or Harrier aircraft that were part of HMM-166(REIN).  Get yours here and tell your friends so they’ll buy ’em too!  Help VMM-166 feel welcome – the majority of SquadronStore proceeds from the sale will benefit their Officers’ Wives’ Club!


4 responses to “Squadron Store: The last HMM-166 (REIN) artwork…

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  1. I will pass the word on! Great work Travis

  2. Thank you Ashley!

  3. Thank you more than you know for this amazing design! My boyfriend, GySgt. Phillip E. Aycock, USMC (retired) proudly served as aircrew on this helicopter along with his best friend Dave “Gus” Grissom who was the crew chief, and his other best friend, GySgt. John LeBlanc, USMC (retired) who was a mechanic! Finding this today means more than you know! Thank you!

    • Dawne, thank you for this fantastic feedback! Nothing beats when one of my designs makes a difference for someone like you and yours! –Travis Getz

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